South Eaton Meeting House

402 Burnham Road Eaton NH 03832

The Reed Organ

About the Reed Organ

The organ, built by the George Woods & Co. of Boston circa 1890, was given to our member, Rachel Ward, by Doris Ashton’s family of Ossipee. Rachel, in turn, donated this beautiful instrument to the South Eaton Meeting House. The organ has recently been renovated by William Boulton of Moultonboro. The restoration consisted of first disassembling parts of the organ case to remove the interior assembly, then lifting it away from the case, which had been built into the rear pews. The assembly was then taken to the shop where mice droppings and nesting were cleaned out. Reeds were cleaned and tested, reed pan and reed chamber gaskets received new leather to seal them. The octave coupler assembly had several broken pitmans which needed to be replaced. The restoration is complete and the organ is now ready for our enjoyment.


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